About Us

How And Where We Live evolved from re-engaging with our surroundings - taking time to consider the things we consume and the way we live.

After a decade spent in London embracing city life, we craved more space and a balance between our careers and our love of the outdoors. We based ourselves in the South Downs and now, as parents to both canines and kids, we live busy, high-energy lifestyles. Be it a hectic day in the home office, a picnic on the beach, camping by the river or walking the dog, there is little time to compromise. As our world got busier, there was a temptation to buy more to fit. Actually, what we started to realise was that we wanted less, but that what we did buy we needed to be stylish, practical and multi-functional for use in our daily lives indoors and out.

So, it started - the deep spring clean, the rationalisation of how many versions of the same thing we actually needed and the slight embarrassment that we had got carried away with overconsumption and wasteful purchasing. Many of the products weren’t designed as disposable but had become so purely because they were just another version of the same, and we had too many of them. 

After the clear out, the products that remained were the most versatile, the most practical and ultimately the most loved objects we owned - and with careers heavily focused on the aesthetic and practical design of products, they all balanced functionality with great form and maximum usability. 

HAWWL’s purpose is to inspire more meaningful choices, so that you end up with lifestyle products that work hard, look good and fit effortlessly into your style aesthetic for years to come.

Less stuff, more style.